Bursary / Scholarship  Information

Bursaries and scholarships are offered to students at the Branch and the Nova Scotia/ Nunavut Levels.




Please visit our Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command website @ www.ns.legion.ca for more information and applications forms.  Letters and posters have been forwarded to all high schools in the Province of Nova Scotia and in the Territory of Nunavut informing them of available bursaries/scholarships and the process for completion of the applications.  You may wish to call Trudy Flynn @ 902.429.4090 (Ext.1) if you wish to have an application package mailed out to your local Branch via Canada Post.




Each year, the Captain Angus L. Macdonald Branch 132, RCl  offers bursaries to assist students pursuing post secondary studies. The amount of each bursary depends upon the available resources from the Annual Poppy Campaign and the total number of applicants. The deadline for application is July 15.  Winners will be notified by mail with further instructions.  The cheque will be made payable in the both the applicant's name and the educational institution at the start of the second semester.


Please note that preference will be  given to children and grand/great grand children of Veterans. A Veteran is a person who is serving or who has honorably  served in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Commonwealth or its wartime allies or is a regular/retired member of the RCMP, or as a Peace Officer in a Special Duty Area or on a Special Duty Operation, orwho has served in the Merchant Marine or Ferry Command during wartime. 


Furthermore, Branch 132 sponsors  scholarships to be awarded to graduating students of the High Schools under its jurisdiction.   The monetary value of these scholarships is dependent upon the general finances of the Branch.  The recipients will be chosen who in the opinion of the faculty have achieved commendable academic performance, have an established record of service in their school and  community   and have exhibited proven leadership skills.   In the case of a tie, a child or grandchild or great grandchild of a Veteran should be given preference.

Download  Branch 132 Bursary Application  PDF