Membership Dues


When you apply to become a member of the Captain Angus L. Macdonald Branch 132 RCL, you need to supply, along with your completed and signed Membership Application Form, all pertinent documentations as well as well as the current Membership Dues and Initiation Fee payable. 

The effective date of membership is the date an application is approved at the general meeting of the Branch.

Membership Dues must be paid by cash, cheque, or money order payable on or before 31st January of each calendar year in order to remain as a "Member in Good Standing".

You may wish to pre-pay for up to five(5)years.  A member may renew his/her membership for the current and previous two calendar years.



For current members, the annual Membership Dues are $35.00 payable on or before 31 December of each calendar year.



If arrears are not settled by the expiration of the second calendar year, the name of the member is struck from the Registry of the Branch and all years of previous service are disqualified.

A former member may apply to any Branch for reinstatement regardless of the length of time the membership has lapsed and a new completed Membership Application Form along with pertinent documentation and membership dues must be submitted.   All Reinstatements are subject to the approval by the General Membership of the Branch.




The annual Early Bird Draw is held between September 1st and November 30th of each calendar year.  By remitting your membership dues before December 1st, your name will be eligible for winning one of three gift certificates/prizes.



A member in arrears with his dues as of January 31st of that year is 'not in good standing' for any purpose under the General By-Laws of the Royal Canadian Legion.


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