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1. Premises:

a)   The Nova Scotia Fire Safety Act and Regulations, and the By-Laws of Branch 08-132 govern the premises.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the building. 

b)   The maximum number of patrons allowed in the Lower Hall shall not exceed 197 persons for non-alcoholic functions and 153 persons for alcoholic functions.

c)   In keeping with the tradition of the Royal Canadian Legion, and as a mark of respect for the Fallen and Veterans,  all persons entering the building are requested to remove their headdress.


2. Liability:

a)   The renter accepts full responsibility for any loss, breakage or damage of the property, furniture, equipment during occupancy of the premises, and the Renter shall compensate Branch 132 for the same.

b)   Determination of any loss/damage or breakage shall be at the sole discretion of Branch 132.

c)    Branch 132 shall not be held liable for any personal injury or damage or the loss or theft of clothing, supplies or equipment of the Renter or anyone in attendance on the invitation of the Renter.

d)   At its sole discretion, Branch 132 reserves the right to insist upon adequate security during the period of occupancy and the cost will be included in the rental fee.

e)   The Renter shall not assign or sublet the facilities or any interest therein without first obtaining the written consent of Branch 132. 

f)     The Renter agrees to preserve good order on the premise, not to permit gambling or any other unlawful pursuits therein and to abide by all Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Laws and Regulations, and the By-Laws of the Branch.

g)    The Renter agrees to indemnify Branch 132 and/or agent or employee against all claims, actions, suits and demands whatsoever arising in any way out of the occupancy of the premises by the Renter. 


3.  Alcoholic Beverages:

a)    The regulations of the Nova Scotia Liquor License Board and the By-Laws of Branch 132 govern the purchase, consumption and hours of serving alcohol on the premises including signing of the Guest Book. 

b)    All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through Branch 132's liquor license and must be consumed only within the designated area.  Under no circumstance shall alcoholic beverages be removed from the premises.

c)     Alcoholic beverages are not to be provided to or be consumed by persons under the age of nineteen(19) years.

d)    No alcohol may be brought on the premises for draws, raffles, gifts or consumption.

e)    At its sole discretion, Branch 132 reserves the right to insist upon adequate security during events at which alcohol is being served.   The cost of security will be included in the fee agreement.

f)   A two week notice must be given to Branch 132 for a licensed event in order to obtain the appropriate license from the Nova Scotia Liquor Board.


4.  Decorations:

a)   Branch 132 will provide proper tape to affix decorations to the walls and ceiling of the premises.  Pins, nails, staples, scotch tape, hooks or other types of fasteners are not to be used.

b)  Rice, seeds, glitter, table sprinkles or confetti of any type are strictly forbidden to be used in the Hall or on the grounds.

c)   No open flame free candles are permitted.

d)   No items ( Wall hangings, memorabilia, pictures, citations etc.) displayed on the walls by Branch 132 shall be removed during the event.


5.  Use of Kitchen:

a)    The Renter must ensure that the kitchen area is cleaned and left in good order.

b)    The Rental fee does not include the use of dishes, cups, glassware and  cutlery.

c)    The Renter shall

         remove all boxes and garbage from the kitchen and place them in the outside garbage bin.

        clean all the counters and surface work areas including any spillage on the stove or in the refrigerator

        remove food products,  dishes, glassware, utensils and other equipment at the end of the rental period

        ensure that all preparation and handling of food is in accordance with  the Nova Scotia Health Guidelines.


6.  Supplies, Utilities &  Custodial Service:

 Branch 132 will provide

         fastening tape for decorations

         coffee and tea urns/maker and supply of water

        extra garbage bags

         washroom supplies

        use of a small refrigerator


7.  Clean up:

                  Although Custodial Service is included in Section 6, the Renter

           must remove all garbage, boxes and food waste from the premises and deposit them in the outside garbage bin.

          is responsible for clearing all the tables.

           must ensure that all left-over food, trays, dishes, cutlery, decorations are removed from the premises after the event.


8.  Application for Hall Rental


              No reservations will be accepted via telephone.  It is recommended that all applications including the total rental fee  for the use of the facilities must be submitted to the Branch Secretary or bartender on duty at least thirty (30) days in advance. The total rental fee includes the basic category fee and any additional charges as per the Rental Fee Structure.  Receipts will be issued.  Depending on special circumstances, late applications will be considered.     

                All Rental Applications are subject to approval by the Branch, and do not constitute a rental agreement.   An approved application will be considered as a formal rental agreement. If the application is not approved, the submitted fee will be returned in full to the applicant.


9.  Cancellation:

                      To cancel a formal rental agreement, written notice to this effect must be received by Branch 132.  If a written notice is given at least five(5) days prior to the event, a full refund of the total rental fee or reservation fee will be issued.


                      If the formal rental agreement or approved application is cancelled by Branch 132 due to space requirement or unforeseen circumstances, a full refund of the total rental fee or reservation fee will be issued.   Branch 132 will endeavor to inform the Renter as soon as possible of the cancellation. 


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