Captain Angus L. Macdonald

(Nova Scotia No.132) Branch

Royal Canadian Legion

P.O. Box 239

Inverness, Nova Scotia

B0E 1N0



Application for Single Use of Branch 132 Facility

Lower Level Only





Name:                  ____________________________________________________

Organization/Group Name:        ___________________________________

Address:      ____________________________________________________

Town:          _____________________   Postal Code:   ___- ___  

Telephone:   (___) ____-______              E-mail:  ______________________




Date:  _________________       Number of Guests in attendance:    _________

Set-up Time:  _______          Event Start Time:  _______  Event End Time:  _______

Description of Event:  __________________________________________________________________________

Category:   ________    (Refer to Rental Fee Structure)                                                                                                 

Additional Charges:  (Refer to Rental Fee Structure)


Categories A - F

Is this a Sunday or Holiday event?



If yes, add $30

Categories B & C only

Is liquor to be consumed?



If yes, add $150

Categories B & C only

Use of Kitchen



If yes, add $100


 Rental Fee:


Category  _____


$ _______



Sunday/Holiday Supplement


$ _______



Use of Kitchen Facilities

(B & C)

$ _______



Liquor License & Security

(B & C)

$ _______







$ _______




The Total Rental Amount must be submitted at time of application, and a two week notice must be given to obtain a liquor license.



Receipt No. ________


Signature of Applicant: _________________________   Date:  ________






         This is an application for Rental only, and it is not to be considered as an approval for rental. An approved application will be considered a formal rental agreement.  If the application is not approved, the submitted rental fee will be returned in full to the applicant.

        It is recommended that all applications with the appropriate rental fee(s) should be submitted to the Branch Secretary or his/her designate at least thirty (30) days in advance.   The total rental fee includes the basic category fee and additional charges as per the Rental Fee Structure.  Depending on special circumstance, late applications may be considered.

        In the event of cancellation by Branch 132 due to space requirements or unforeseen circumstance, a full refund of the fee will be issued.  Branch 132 will endeavour to inform the Renter as soon as possible of the cancellation.

        All applicants must familiarize themselves with and adhere to the Terms and Conditions of rental as per attached copy.



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